I know I won’t be able to recall all the precious moments from the past 3 months, but I thought I would try and highlight some of them by posting some photos and writing out what I remember from that time.


This is the last baby bump photo I took. I had no idea it would be my last! I was 32 weeks here and I had Witt at exactly 35 weeks. If only I had known what would be happening in 3 short weeks…


My superstar mom snuggling Witt while I went to pump milk. I love how fuzzy his hair looks in this photo! I spent a lot of time in this big chair nursing and cuddling with Witt during that week at Lion’s Gate hospital.


Witt is living the dream here! He needed a feeding tube for two days while he built up his stamina to be able to drink enough milk from me or a bottle in order to start gaining weight. The poor guy pulled his feeding tube out the morning before this picture was taken, which is why he has a little shiner on his cheek. He had to wear a sock on his hand for the remainder of the time that the tube was in so he wouldn’t keep pulling it out!


As you can see Witton loved his first bath…This was the first time I had to endure my baby crying like crazy and I wasn’t able to do anything to help him. It hurt this momma’s heart, but I knew he wasn’t actually in any pain. After that we tried a few other techniques to soothe him while he was being washed.


This photo was one taken 5 days after he was born. He was starting to become much more alert and was enthralled with looking at me after he finished feeding. It was the sweetest feeling to look into those dark grey eyes and wonder what he was feeling.


After being “on call” for three days we finally got transported to Kelowna after being in North Vancouver for a week. We flew on a tiny plane that only fit the two pilots, two paramedics, Witton and myself. It was an incredible experience! I was so thankful for the health care coverage we had in Canada, especially on a day like that. I can’t imagine the financial stress we would have experienced if we had to think about what Witt’s care was costing us each day.


Bryce met us in Kelowna and spent the weekend with us. This picture makes Witt look so small! He loves napping on Daddy’s chest and sleeping with his mouth open, just like Dad. It was hard having Bryce back and forth between Seattle and Kelowna for the first six weeks, but moments like this made it all worth it.


Oma and Opa got to finally meet Witton after he arrived in Kelowna. At first neither of them felt comfortable holding him because he looked so small, but eventually we convinced both of them to do it. They were both so enthralled with his tiny features and Opa was proud of his German chin that he inherited from me!


Brett and Amy got to meet their favorite nephew at last! They both came to visit several times and the hospital and quite often once we went home. It was wonderful spending lots of time with them, especially since my visits home in the past few years have been quite short. It was great to finally spend more time with them together.


Finally after two weeks in the hospital Witton was coming home with us! The relief I felt that day was unimaginable. For his entire life so far, he had been hooked up to monitors, tracking his heart rate, breathing, and oxygen levels. Every time I fed him I had to unplug him and tuck the wires in his clothes. Finally I had a “wireless” baby that I could walk around with and hold however and wherever I wanted! I was so grateful for the care he received at the hospital, but I was much happier having him with me 24/7 now.


While Witton was in the hospital I pumped a lot of milk! We had a full ice chest when we left that I felt so proud of! Since then I haven’t needed to pump much. At first it was helpful to give him bottles because Witt didn’t need to expend as much energy feeding, but as he grew stronger, it was no longer important to give him bottles throughout the day. We still have a few containers left in the freezer 2.5 months later!


Witton’s first ride in the car seat! He looked so tiny and fragile in his car seat. However, he slept the whole ride home and didn’t make a fuss. Now he still loves the car! We can drive 4-5 hours and he’ll sleep the whole time.


Witton’s first walk outside! Fortunately we got outside before the cold snap and all the snow came down. Once again, Witt slept the whole 30 min walk and seemed to enjoy the vibrations from the stroller.


The bunting suit was a bit too big for him, but it still kept him warm! His feet barely made it into the legs of the suit.


My mom and I went to the mall and Papa babysat Witt. When I got back this is how they were hanging out! I guess he started fussing and my Dad thought it would be easier to just grab the whole bed instead of just Witt.


This was my favorite newborn outfit that he wore. Unfortunately he grew out of it way too fast and I had to pack it up after he was 6 weeks old.


A few days after he left the hospital he started getting chubby cheeks! After having such a skinny baby, I was so proud of the rolls he was finally getting on his body. After leaving the hospital he consistently gained half a pound a week.


This is how we weighed Witt after he got out of the hospital. We wanted to make sure he was gaining weight properly. We used a kitchen scale and a salad bowl until he got over 10 pounds and we could use our bathroom scale.


I carried Witt around in this wrap every day for the first few weeks. It was perfect for doing things around the house or going for a walk in the cold. He loved getting snuggled up and falling asleep against me. I highly recommend the Baby K’tan wrap! It was so easy to use without have to figure out complicated ties.


Everyday when my Mom got home from work she would snuggle with Witt. He loves reaching up and holding onto someone’s hand when he sleeps. I hope he never grows out of it! He still holds my hand when he nurses. It melts my heart!


Brent and Jessica flew into Bellingham from Oakland and then drove 4 hours to come see us! It was so wonderful to see how much Isaac had grown and for them to meet Witt. Pretty soon Witt will have a new cousin to play with because Jessica is due with their second in April!


This is what I found when I ask my brother-in-law to watch Witt while I dyed Kirsten’s hair! I seriously think Witt can sleep anywhere…


So much happiness in this photo! Despite the cold, we went on several walks together while we were both home in Kelowna. Witt would snuggle up in his wrap and he’d sleep the whole time. There is something about walking that helps everyone open up and talk about what is going on in their lives. It was refreshing to share stories with these two ladies I love so much!


We had so much fun with my family over the holidays. We went curling one night, played hockey on Christmas Eve, and played games almost every night. It was wonderful having everyone together for Christmas and to enjoy getting to know each other as our family has continued to grow over the last few years with spouses joining the family. I definitely prefer spending time together for Christmas, rather than spending money on gifts!


Witt loved looking at the lights on the Christmas tree and staring at the fire! He also would watch the shadows on the walls and the light shining through the blinds in the morning. It makes you look at the world a whole different way when you try to see it through the eyes of your baby!


Witt was excited to meet his cousins! Finally after six weeks in Kelowna, we drove down to Seattle and we stopped at Bryce’s sister’s house on our way south. My niece Kate loves babies and was so excited to hold Witt.


After living in separate cities for a year and being in Kelowna for six weeks after Witt was born with Bryce only visiting on weekends, it was so wonderful to be finally all together as a family and spend time together every day! Bryce would read and play with Witt while I made dinner. It was heart warming to see them together more often and for Bryce to see how much he grows each day. It’s amazing how you take the small things for granted. Throughout our relationship we’ve lived apart many times and once we are reunited I soak up all the little moments that I miss with him each day. Like brushing our teeth together before bed or waking up next to him and hitting the snooze button once more just to get some more cuddles in before we start the day. I’m so thankful for Bryce and the sacrifices he made to visit us each weekend. It was A LOT of driving and I know he was exhausted, but we loved seeing him so much.


Witt was all bundled up for his first walk in Seattle! There was a gorgeous cemetery a short distance from our apartment that was perfect for walking with a stroller. It was so peaceful there and we loved walking and sharing what was on our minds and hearts that day.


Witt loves being swaddled to help him sleep. At first we just used receiving blankets, but he kept wrestling his way out of them. I had been given several types of swaddlers at my baby shower, so after trying out a few this one was our favorite. The brand is Swaddle Me and they keep his arms tucked in tight! It really prevents him from startling himself in his sleep and he has slept much better since we consistently started using the swaddler.


Moving is hard work! I spent a lot of time packing and driving around as we prepared to move. Poor Witt didn’t always get a lot of sleep some days and one day he finally just fell asleep on the floor as I was trying to get the laundry done.


Bryce finally sold his business and we found a new apartment in Everett. This was Witt first time in the apartment checking it out.I put the ceiling fan on and it entertained him while I unpacked stuff. It was a lot of work, but our new place is amazing!


The first week we moved in, I walked around with Witt to check out the area. Everything is so close by! I now walk to Trader Joe’s for our groceries each week and Costco and Target are a 5 min drive away. There is also an awesome paved interurban trail a block from our house that is great for the stroller. We really lucked out with our location!


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