I love looking back at the pictures from the week before and seeing how much he’s grown and changed. Last week was probably one of the hardest weeks since Witt was born. Starting on Sunday, Witt began his second mental development leap. The term/theory comes from the ‘Wonder Weeks’ book and it’s been spot on so far! During a mental leap your baby experiences sudden changes in his head. Suddenly, his brain perceives things it wasn’t capable of perceiving before. This change is drastic and his entire world suddenly looks very different to him.

fullsizeoutput_ee6It has been incredible to see how Witt interacts with his world different during and after these leaps. However, during the leap, babies are typically more fussy, clingy, and don’t sleep well. That was definitely the case for Witton this past week. He went from only waking up once at night to three-four times. His hour to hour-and-a-half long naps went to thirty to sixty minutes. On top of that I came down with a nasty cold Tuesday night. I was fighting a fever, sinus headaches, earaches, and a cough for four days,along with Witt barely sleeping. Our days mostly consisted of me laying on the couch topless and letting Witt feed and sleep on me to his heart’s content as I tried to rest as much as possible. Fortunately Bryce was a lifesaver and he helped out a lot in the mornings and evenings so I could get some extra rest. This photo I sent to Bryce after I had tried to put Witt down to nap three times and he kept waking up, so I had resigned to letting him sleep on me.img_6494

However, there were some good days last week too. After church on Sunday we went for a walk in the beautiful sunshine. Witt loves being in the carrier and enjoys the fresh air. This was the first time Bryce got it carry him now that he’s big enough for the Lille Baby Carrier.

On Saturday, since I was finally feeling better, we drove up to Squamish so Bryce could go to Senior Night at Quest and see the four players who are graduating that he coached last year. We stayed at my good friend Adrienne’s for the night and it was great catching up with her. She hadn’t seen Witt since he was only a few days old, so it was fun showing him off! However, we forgot to pack Witt’s bed and swaddler which meant we were in for an extra rough night… Bryce tried sleeping on the couch and I tried sleeping in the bed with Witt, but he woke up every hour. I tried feeding him back to sleep each time, but he kept waking himself up without having his arms tied down with his swaddler. We tried swaddling him in a receiving blanket, but he kept wrestling himself out of it. We finally tried putting him in a drawer with a blanket underneath him and he slept for two hours straight. Despite our best effoerts, the poor guy didn’t get much sleep that night, but fortunately he slept great in the car ride home.

I’m excited that this mental leap is finally over and we can get back on schedule again. He’s been so much more interactive and playful now and he’s already back to being a great napper. He loves to roll over from his tummy to his back and is constantly kicking his legs and flailing his arms. He also loves when we hold him upright and he can put his weight on his legs and look around. You can tell he’s trying to take everything in as he continues to learn more about the world around him. I love this little man so much, despite the sleepless nights he gives me!


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