This past week was much more productive than last week since I had finally recovered from my cold. Witt’s nap schedule went back to normal which provided a lot more predictability for me to check off items on my to-do list. Right now he’s waking up between 6:30-7:30am each morning. Bryce is a champ and he always gets him and plays with him for 20-30 minutes so I get to sleep in a bit more. It is honestly the best treat each morning! After I feed him, we hang out for around an hour then he goes down for his first nap. This nap is usually around an hour, but sometimes up to 2 hours. After that he’s up for an hour and a half and then back down for another nap for an hour or so. We do this routine twice more in the afternoon and early evening and then I wake him up for a “dream feed” between 8-9pm before we go to bed at 10pm.


Unfortunately Witt still hasn’t got back on track on his night schedule since his last mental leap. He’s been waking up anywhere between 3-6 times at night. The strange part of this new phase is that when I go to get him he isn’t very hungry. He’ll feed for 10-20 minutes and then be fast asleep again. So the positive part is that I get to go back to bed quick, but it’s really disrupting my sleep. We’ve tried several different tactics to get him to sleep longer stretches. I’ve tried to bulk up his caloric intake during the day and feed him more often. I’ve tried pumping and giving him a big bottle of milk right before bed to help get him through. We’ve also tried sending Bryce in the soothe him back to sleep, instead of having me feed him each time. However, so far nothing has really improved anything. I know he is capable of sleeping longer because for about three weeks straight he was only waking up once at night between 2-3am. I’m hoping that in the next week or so he can start settling down to sleep better at night and I can get some more rest!


This week Witt and I took a trip to Ikea to get some items to decorate and organize the apartment a bit more. I took a picture of him in my cart to send to Bryce because he was wide awake within 5 minutes of me arriving there when he was suppose to nap for another hour at least… Within 10 minutes of me taking the picture he was screaming his head off, so I took him out of his seat and he loved looking around as I shopped. It’s funny how baby’s attract so much attention. As soon as I was holding him, I had people coming up to me every few minutes commenting or asking questions. Right now I love it because I’m so proud of our little guy, but I’m sure one day all the attention will get annoying. The next day after our trip I finished organizing our new Kallax shelf. I love how it looks in our new place and the large amount of storage space it provides! Once Witt is older I’m hoping to use the boxes to store all his toys as well.


Witt graduated to the big boy tub this week! We used to lay him in a sling that stretched across the tub, but he was no longer submerged enough. At first he was a little shocked to be sitting deeper in the water (which is when I took this picture) but before long he was enjoying the new freedom to kick his feet and move his legs. He really loves his baths now and he doesn’t require a cloth constantly on him like he used to prefer. I can’t wait until he’s old enough to really start playing in the water. I already have my eye on the cool floaties that go around the baby’s neck so they can swim around as early as 6 months old! Here is one of the brands called Otteroo.


Fortunately Witt still enjoys cuddling with mom! This is one of his favorite positions where he drapes his arm over mine and rests his head on my arm. He continue to look around in this position, but slowly he’ll get more sleepy until it’s time to put him down for his nap.


This week Witt really discovered his hands! He loves putting them in his mouth and intertwining his fingers together. He hasn’t started swatting or trying to grab at things yet, but I’m sure that’ll come in the next few weeks. Right now he’ll only hold onto our fingers and he likes to grab at my skin by my collarbone as he’s feeding. Sometimes I walk out of his room with red marks all over my chest. For now I don’t mind, but if I start getting bruises I might have to get him off that habit!


What I love most about Witton right now is his constant smiles! He is such a happy baby, I don’t know how we got so lucky! He smiles whenever we pick him up out of his bassinet and when we change him. He smiles when he hangs out on the floor and when he sits in his chair. I’m so thankful for such a content baby and all the smiles he brings to our faces each day!


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