This past week was so much fun! Witt has become so much more interactive and talkative. He regularly talks to me while we play on the floor or when I change his diaper. He’s been testing out his voice and shrieking with delight. I think he’s on the verge of laughing. He’s started to yell when he gets excited now and it’s almost turning into a giggle. I remember when I was so eager for him to start smiling. I was doing anything I could to try and get him to do it. And now he smiles all the time and I barely have to do anything. I know once he starts laughing it’ll be the just like when he started smiling!


We took the mini bed out of the bassinet because Witt had grown too long for it. At first I thought he wouldn’t like it because he typically would nuzzle his face against the side of the bed, but he didn’t seem to mind having the extra space. He looks so small in the bassinet now though! However, I know before long we’ll be moving him to a crib. Witt’s sleeping has continued to improve this week. He’s still waking up about twice a night. usually between 1-2am and then again between 4-5am. I am really looking forward to when he gets back to only waking up once a night! However, he’s still napping like a champ, so I can’t complain.


He’s growing out of his clothes so fast that I started taking pictures of all his cute outfits! He’s basically outgrown all his pajamas, so I’m planning to buy him some new ones when I am in Kelowna next week. He received tons of cute shirts and pants from friends and family, so fortunately we are still covered in that department!


Witt still loves being in the car and he sleeps really well. However, now as soon as the car stops, he wakes up which is really cramping my style… I’ve had to take him out of his car seat and carry him when I do grocery shopping now. I think I’ll have to start bringing his carrier with us so he can go in there while I shop. This hat keeps coming down over his eyes, but ironically he seems to like it. I think it blocks out the sun for him and helps him sleep!


This is how we spend many hours every day! He loves to lay on my chest and chat with me after he eats. I love the feeling of his weight on my chest and his little hands grabbing at my shirt and neck. He lets me kiss him non-stop and he smiles as we cuddle. He’s getting so big that his body is too long for my torso and I know one day soon he’ll be too big to lay on my chest like this. So I’m soaking up every moment I can with him while he’s little. We have so much fun together during the day. I can’t even imagine how exciting it’ll be when he can start sitting up and holding objects. He weighs about 12 lbs now and is 23 inches long. There are two other babies at our church who are only a few weeks older than Witt and I’m always so curious to see how big they are and what they’re doing. I know since Witt was born 5 weeks early, his development will be a bit delayed, but it’s hard not to compare sometimes. However, I know that he’ll develop at his own pace and eventually he’ll be caught up with his peers. For now, I just need to take it one stage at a time!


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