This past week has been so much fun with Witt! He has been in such a good mood during the days and he’s so smiley and happy. I don’t know where he got his sunny disposition from, but it seriously brightens our days! Every morning when we go to grab him from his bassinet, he’s smiling and kicking his legs. He is the most active in the morning. Bryce is still the one who wakes up first and gets him and let’s me sleep for another 20-30 minutes. They usually hang out in the living room and I can hear Witt talking to Bryce from our bedroom. It melts my heart!


This past week we went to Kelowna to go visit my family. Witt had a doctor’s appointment and I had some documents to collect for my Greencard application. Fortunately, Witt is a rockstar in the car and he had no problems sleeping for the entire drive. On our way north, we stopped off at Bryce’s sister’s house in Bellingham to go for a walk and grab lunch. Here is Witt in the stroller with his cousin Gage. It was so cute as we were walking Gage kept telling us updates on if Witt was awake or asleep.


The roads were dry and clear on our way to Kelowna which was a big blessing! This winter has not been good for driving and only a few days prior the highway had been closed due to heavy snowfall. Witt slept the entire 4 hour drive and then started crying as soon as we pulled into Kelowna. He always wakes up as soon as I pull off the highway. He definitely notices the changes in the vibrations and speed of the car.


Kelowna has an awesome Facebook Buy and Sell page for kids stuff. So while I was there I bought these two activity mats for Witt. One for Kelowna and one for Everett and they were only $5 each! I also bought him 19 sleepers ranging from 3-9 months for $40. I have only bought him one pair of new pants and one shirt, other than that, everything I’ve got for him has been used! I love a good deal, but mostly I can’t justify paying the prices for new items when he grows out of them so fast! I know we’ll have more kids, so they will get used again, but I find the quality of the used items are so good, it’s worth finding it used.


I can’t believe I didn’t take ANY pictures of Witt playing with my parents, grandparents or extended family while we were there… I usually leave my phone in the diaper bag when we visit people and I always forgot to take it out for pictures! We are going back in April for another week at Easter, so I’ll make sure to snap some photos then!


The plaid shirt is one of the items I bought new for him.He wore it to church on Sunday and he got quite a few compliments!


I’ve been letting Witt hang out in just his diaper a bit more often lately. I just put the heater next to him and let him play. For some reason, he’s forgotten how to roll over. He was doing it consistently every day for about 2-3 weeks and then he hasn’t been able to roll over for about a week now. He is content on his stomach for usually 10-15 min, but then once he get’s tired he just buries his face in the floor and grunts/cries. I usually let him struggle for a bit until I help him roll to his back. I’m hoping he’ll go back to rolling over soon!


He also really likes feeling different textures against his skin. It’s been fun to see his reaction whenever I rub them on his skin. The green blanket is his favorite though. I wrap him up in it and he coos and smiles at me. MELT!


These moments are so precious! Sometimes he falls asleep feeding and I know he sleeps better in his bed, but I can’t help but let him sleep on me for awhile. It is so relaxing and despite the things I could be doing around the apartment while he sleeps, I know these moments will be gone sooner than I want them to be!


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