I know all parents say this, but time is seriously going by too fast! I can’t believe how big our little man is already. Last night Bryce and I were going through pictures on my phone and I started tearing up seeing how little he was only a few short months ago. I remember when he used to sleep on my chest and his feet barely touched my thighs. Now he kneels on my thighs when he snuggles up with me!


I went through his clothes again this week and packed away ones that he grew out of and I pulled out some new stuff. I found a whole box of used clothes that I had thought were 6-9 months, but were actually 3-6 month sizes! I’m kinda bummed I didn’t pull it out earlier because he’s already almost too big for some of the stuff…


These overalls were one of the items I pulled out and they are so adorable! I think he looks so grown up in them. I’m glad I bought all his clothes used, because now after having a baby I know what items are worth buying (and spending good money on) and what items are not necessary. For instance, I thought Witt would wear little shoes but he kicks his feet constantly and none will ever stay on him. I just put socks and/or slippers on him when we go out. Another thing we never ended up using were the sleep sacks or night gowns. He loves being swaddled, so we never had a use for these. However, I would invest in pajamas with zippers since they are so much easier to do up in the middle of the night when it’s dark! The swaddlers that we ended up loving the most are called “SwaddleMe” and they definitely worked the best. They kept him snug all night. Just over the last several weeks he has been busting out of them, so we’ve started to wean him off of using them.


Friday night we had corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day. It’s always a meal we look forward to! The first time I had corned beef was at Bryce’s sister Lesha’s house. At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to try it because it looked funny, but I’m glad I did. It was delicious! Now I usually buy a few packages of corned beef at Costco each year so we can enjoy this delicious meal.


I gave Witt a boo boo this week while cutting his nails. This is the one activity I HATE doing each week. I’ve tried doing it while he sleeps, in the bath, while he’s feeding and in all cases he won’t stop moving his arms and hands. I can’t keep him still. So finally this week I made the mistake of cutting the nail a bit too short. The funny part is he didn’t even cry. I went and threw out the pieces in the garbage and when I came back I say small specks of blood on his pajamas. Then I saw that his thumb was bleed and grabbed a napkin to wrap around it. His face cracks me up in this picture! He looks stunned, but he actually didn’t seemed phased at all.


Witt still loves to be read to! I’ve been really working on setting up a consistent nap and bedtime routine to help him settle down easier for sleep. Bryce has been doing the bedtime stories lately which is pat of the routine and Witt loves it. I’ve been working on putting Witt into his basinet awake when it’s time to sleep, instead of letting him fall asleep on me. He been slowing building his self-soothing skills and now about 75% of the time he goes to sleep without a fuss. I still use the pacifier every now and then to help settle him, which is another habit I’m trying to break. I do really good during the day, but when it comes to the end of the day and during the night, my resolve is not so strong… Regardless, I think we are making progress. I’ve never wanted to do any hard core sleep training, but I do think it’s important to work on a routine and schedule and to help them learn how to build their ow sleep skills. We’ll see how it goes!


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