This past week Witton was obsessed with putting his hands in his mouth! His hands were constantly wet with drool and his chin and cheeks were sticky from his hands fumbling around. We would be driving around and I’d hear him in the back seat sucking his hands as if they were a delicious popsicle. I’m shocked he didn’t get a rash on his face from the constant drool and slobbering. I had to do laundry every other day because he was soaking through his bandana bibs every 20 minutes.


The beginning of the week Witt wasn’t sleeping very well. He would only nap for 45min and I couldn’t get him back to sleep afterwards. He was doing better at night, which was a big improvement, but I know when he sleeps well during the day he sleeps better at night. Therefore, I bent the rules a bit and let him nap on me several times to ensure he got the sleep he needed.


These naps were so precious. He usually doesn’t nap on me very well unless he is really tired, so I tried to soak up all the cuddles. I enjoyed relaxing and reading my book.


Slowly as the week progressed he started napping longer in his bed and waking up smiley and happy. I love walking into his room and peeking into his bed and seeing his happy little face. It makes my heart swell knowing he is so excited to see me. It surprises me sometimes, but when he naps for a couple of hours I miss him! I look forward to getting him and playing with him again even though I spend all my time with him.


We haven’t been using the wrap that much lately because he’s usually so content by himself on the ground playing with the mobile or his hands. However, we were having friends over for dinner and he started being fussy. It wasn’t time for a nap, so I decided to try to wrap so I could have dinner ready in time. He was content watching me chop up veggies and prepare the salad, but he did not like being by the stovetop. I think the steam and heat bothered him. However, by that point he was ready for a nap!


We had to make a quick trip to the Bellevue mall to buy white pants for his blessing. He barely slept on the way there, so I thought for sure he would sleep in his stroller in the mall. But instead he was wide awake. He is so curious to see what is going on around him. He loves to go run errands with me and look at the his new surroundings.


More hands in the mouth…


My mom “lent” me this sweater for Witt. It is 30 years old! Her boss knit it for my brother when he was born. It is so adorable and I just love the pattern. However, my mom told me my brother gets it whenever he has a little boy. That still might be awhile, so I’m happy we get it until then!


Sometimes he would miss his mouth and get his thumb stuck in his gums…


The highlight of the week was having my parents come visit us for Witt’s blessing and my birthday! This time I made sure to take more photos. I love this picture of my dad and Witt. I see so much of my dad in Witt! My Grandma sent us pictures at Christmas of my dad as a little baby and I think they look a lot alike. It’s ironic because we gave Witton my dad’s name as his middle name. So I think it’s pretty fitting.


It was so fun seeing Witt interact and play with my parents. He grows so fast that even though they had seen him two weeks before, he had gained some new skills.


Witt’s blessing was on my birthday. It was the perfect day! We had it in Bellingham at his parents’ house and most of Bryce’s extended family was there. There was so much love felt that evening as some of them met Witt for the first time. As usual at most Froberg gatherings, there was good food and even better desserts! Witt was passed around all night and was content and smiley almost the whole evening. Bryce prayed the blessing over Witt and it was touching to hear what Bryce was inspired to say. It made me think of the wonderful responsibility we to raise this little boy to be a kind, thoughtful, humble, and faithful follower of Christ. My mind flashed forward to all the milestones and moments we will share and go through as a family.


I’m so thankful for the love and support we have of our family through this journey. I’m glad Witt will have the example of all his older cousins to follow. They are all so sweet to him and enjoying holding and talking to him (even though he looks like he would like to somewhere else in this picture!).


I think he looked pretty handsome in white collared shirt!


My mom was the baby whisperer at church on Sunday. I was telling my parents all morning how Witt is so active during church and how impossible it has been to get him to sleep for us during church. I’ve spent the last four Sundays in the lobby because he wouldn’t stay content on my lap. Then of course my mom is able to have him sit quietly on her lap and then peacefully fall asleep. I told her she needs to come to church with us every week now!


My dad sat in the back seat with Witt and he liked holding onto his fingers. Heart melting here!


We went for a beautiful walk in the old part of Everett Sunday afternoon. Some of the houses were built in the early 1900s. I love the character and uniqueness of each house. Witt slept peacefully in the stroller as my mom pushed him and we strolled up and down the streets. I am so thankful for this time I got to spend with my parents and the bond they are creating with Witton. Becoming a parent has changed me so much, but I know becoming grandparents have changed my parents too! It’s so fun to be going through these transformations together.


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