If I could relive last week 100 times over I totally would! Something clicked with Witt’s sleeping last week and he has been napping and sleeping like a champ. It has made such a difference for both of our moods! It’s the best feeling putting him down awake in his bassinet and having him not cry or fuss at all. He is totally content in there and he settles himself down to sleep now 95% of the time.


He is also sleeping for longer stretches more consistently now. His naps are all at least 45 minutes, but typically an hour or even sometimes as long as 2 hours. As a result, he wakes up happy and bubbly after every nap and feeds better.


I took these pictures with my DSLR camera after it’s been collecting dust in my closet for several months. I regret not using it earlier to take pictures of him! I love how these photos capture his personality and his typically “looks”. I wasn’t able to capture a usable one of him smiling, even though he does that constantly. He typically flails his arms at the same time that he smiles, which makes it hard to get photos in focus!

DSC_0052 2

More hand sucking went on this week. He’s really liking the thumb and pointer finger combo lately. He enjoys just laying on the floor, sucking his fingers, and looking around the room taking everything in. He is still content hanging out on his own or playing on the play mat, while I cook or clean. It’s such a blessing not having to worry about holding or entertaining him every minute he’s awake.


Witt went swimming for the first time! It was really hilarious actually. I slowly waded into the pool and gently submerged more of his body in the water. I thought the water was a bit cool, so I was worried he would fuss. It was a lot cooler than the bath water he’s used to! I watched his face as his body became submerged and there was no change in expression whatsoever! He remained totally stone faced the entire time he was in the pool.


I would swing him around and tilt him onto his tummy and then onto his back and he wasn’t affected at all. Kids would jump in and splash around us, with water landing on his face and he didn’t even make a peep. He lasted for 45 minutes in the pool, then he started nuzzling up to my neck, which means he’s ready to nap.


Bryce got me this amazing juicer for my birthday which arrived in the middle of the week. I bought a bunch of organic produce in bulk from Costco and juiced every day! My favorite combo this week was basil, cilantro, cucumber, and apple. I think I’ll post some of the recipes I enjoy under the recipes section of the blog.


I babysat my nephew Corbin for a few hours on Thursday and we made cookies! It is hard to entertain a three-year-old for 3+ hours, when you don’t have very many toys in your house and it’s raining outside. However oatmeal cookies kept him entertained for awhile.


I’m not sure if he didn’t like the cookies, but he chose to just pick out the chocolate chips and eat those!


We had some sunny weather last week so we went on a lot of walks! Witt enjoys being in the stroller and the carrier, so I usually rotate between the two. He’s starting to be more interested in looking around, which sometimes means he won’t sleep much on our walks anymore. He’s too curious to see what’s going on around him.


I don’t use snap chat much, except with my sister. However, when I’m bored it’s always fun checking out the different filters and effects. Something about using them with Witt makes them that much funnier!


On Friday morning, my friend from work checked my mail at Quest and it turned out my insurance was expiring on Sunday… so I quickly packed Witt up in the car and we drove up to Surrey to renew my car insurance, which is about a 3 hour drive. This is Witt hanging out as I signed all the paperwork.


He is such a good travel buddy! I’m always amazed how well he does in the car when I’m driving long distances. The only times he starts crying really hard is at the border, but I don’t really blame him! I don’t like the border either.


Witton’s big achievement this week was being able to reach out and grasp objects. Previously he would just bat at the mobiles, but now he grabs them and brings them to his mouth (obviously!).


He likes holding onto this teething toy, but he hasn’t quite figured out how to maneuver it into his mouth yet. Instead he ends up smacking himself in the face with it most often. However, it is amazing to see how his skills and observations of his environment continually grow and change. Some days I can really tell that the wheels are turning more and he’s trying to figure something out that he couldn’t notice the day before. It has made me more acutely aware of the complexity of simple movements and events that he is trying to understand. The human brain is amazing!


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