Week 20


This week was a lot of fun spending time with Witt’s cousins during their spring break. It’s awesome having family so close and being able to spend time with them. This picture below cracks me up because Witt seems much more excited than Carson.


My sister-in-law watched Witt for me so I could go for a run in the sunshine! It’s amazing how much the sun invigorates me. That whole day I got so much accomplished and I didn’t feel tired at all by the end of the day. I am so excited for the weather to get nicer and for Witt and I to spend our days outside.


Witton still loves his bath times. He’s starting to understand that his arms and legs can splash and make noises. He gets so smiley and chatty in the bath. I really enjoy it! I can’t wait until this summer when we can go swimming in pools and lakes and have him enjoy the water!


On Tuesday we went to Fort Casey with Lesha and her kids. It was fun taking the ferry over to Whidbey Island and driving out to there. My family took a trip down the Washington and Oregon coast when I was in middle school and I remember loving Whidbey Island. It was fun walking around the fort and looking out over the ocean. Witt had a good time in the carrier, but started falling asleep after an hour or so.


The best part was walking through the pitch black tunnels with my niece and nephews. It was fun navigating through the dark just using our hands. The last time through only the kids went and Lesha jumped out and surprised Carson as he came out. He jumped up and both feet left the ground! It was pretty hilarious.


Witt and I went to pick up the mail at our apartment complex and we had a lot more packages than I expected. We loaded up the stroller and slowly maneuvered back. The hardest part was getting all the packages up the stairs to our apartment!


I’ve been keeping my eye open for a used jogging stroller for a few weeks. As the weather has slowly been getting nicer, I’ve been itching to get out running with Witt. I finally found the stroller I wanted for a good deal and snagged it! Here is us on our first run on the trail by our house. I also found a used rain cover, so I can jog even if it’s sprinkling outside. I’m excited to get back into running and getting my endurance up! My next project is to get my bike tuned up and get back to riding.



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