Week 21


I’m behind on my posts after traveling to Spokane for one weekend and then going to Kelowna for 10 days the following weekend. So I’ll try writing about what I remember from these past two weeks!


These were the windmills we passed on our drive to Spokane. I was so mesmerized by them! There were over 100 spread out over the hills in this one area. Spokane was a lot of fun. We attended a weekend seminar that had various leaders speaking about goal setting, business development, communication, and relationship building. It was really uplifting! We rented a cute little apartment using VRBO, which was perfect when traveling with a baby. Witt slept alright on the bed in the bedroom next to us, but it was still hard getting him to sleep when he was out of his routine and in a strange environment. However, it was nice to have a large living room to play with him when Bryce or I were attending sessions of the seminar.


I couldn’t resist taking a picture of Bryce sleeping with his mouth open on the way home! He only slept for 20 minutes, but it looked so uncomfortable because you can’t recline the seat back at all since Witt’s car seat is behind the passenger seat. Witt slept the whole 5 hours both there and back! He is such an easy traveling buddy.


Several weeks ago I went t a friends house and we made up a bunch of crockpot freezer meals. Since we were in Spokane all weekend I took this one out to try on Monday and it was amazing! It was two chicken breasts, with black and pinto beans, corn, stewed tomatoes and various Mexican seasoning. It was amazing and so easy! I’ll definitely be making it again. I also juiced a head of purple cabbage, with basil and cucumber. Delicious!


Witt loves sitting up now and looking around. He’s continually trying to thrust himself up now when I recline him against anything. Unfortunately his legs are pretty skinny, so they don’t offer much support for him to sit up on his own!


My friend Sunny came over to visit us and finally meet Witton. She was my supervising teacher when I did my teaching practicum in Seattle and she is simply amazing! She did such an wonderful job at inspiring her students to love reading, so I was so happy that she could read Witt’s favorite story to him.


At the end of this week we headed to Kelowna for Easter. My big brother celebrated his big 30th birthday! My parents hosted a BBQ for him and of course we had ice cream cake for dessert. We both share a love for DQ cakes! My brother is one of the most thoughtful and caring people I know. He is always treating everyone around him with respect and is non-judgmental. I hardly ever hear him say a negative thing about another person. He is also hilarious and can come up with the wittiest comebacks. He can remember lines from pretty much any movie he has seen, but most often the references completely go over my head. Him and his wife are such a  perfect pair and I love seeing him so happy with her. I wish we got to see them more often, but being in Kelowna once a month is all we can manage right now!


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