Week 23


Even though we’ve had so much cold and rain lately, this guy has been my sunshine that I get to wake up to every morning! He is so bubbly and happy throughout the day, it’s impossible to be grumpy when he is around. He babbles to me, smiles constantly and loves to play. I really don’t know how we got so lucky! However, nights were pretty rough this week since he’s just finishing up with the four month sleep regression. Since he was born five weeks early, his sleep regression is happening when he’s five months old. Several nights this week he woke up every two hours and he was hungry every time! He would guzzle for 10-15min, then fall right back to sleep. Normally I wouldn’t feed him when he wakes up that often at night, but I could tell he was going through a growth spurt and needed the extra feedings.


Witt fell asleep while nursing and I took the chance to take a picture of all the little nicks he gave himself. I cut his nails and after his next nap he woke up with a cut on his nose. So I checked all his nails and trimmed them so more. Then the next nap he woke up with a cut on his cheek and his forehead! So I trimmed them some more. Finally I got all the rough edges taken care of. Poor guy though! He looked a little roughed up.


Witton is sporting his new knitted toque from Great-Grandma Forsberg. She made him the same one, but smaller when he was born, but I told her he had grown out of it. So now he has the next size up. It’s a bit too big for him still, so I roll it up which makes him look like he’s wearing a Russian hat!


The big accomplishment this week was rolling over from his back to his tummy. He only managed to do it a few times and he usually got his arms stuck underneath him, but it’s progress! It’s so cute, after he rolls each time he has this huge grin on his face.


We made a trip to the downtown Everett library so I could check out some books. He fell asleep there, so I took my sweet time strolling up and down the aisles looking for interesting books. Normally I try to be home for most of his naps, so he doesn’t sleep much in his car seat anymore. Usually he’ll only sleep in it if we are in the car and the car is moving! A few minutes after the car stops he will wake up. So this was a bit unusual for him to sleep in his car seat without being in a moving vehicle!


I sorted through all of Witton’s clothes and found this cute little hat Bryce’s aunt knit. It was in the bigger clothes pile, but it fits him now! I’ve decided to consign the majority of Witt’s clothes, rather than storing them for the next baby. I bought 95% of them used anyways and we just don’t have room to store that much stuff. Plus if the next baby is a girl, I would need to store it for that much longer! I figured I’ll just keep the items I really love and consign the rest.


We haven’t had great weather lately, but we had one sunny afternoon this week so we took advantage of it! I love that Witton enjoys being in the carrier and that we can go for walks together. The stroller is great, but I also get some cuddles when we walk like this. Fortunately he isn’t a chunky baby, so he’s not too heavy to carry on long walks.


He’s gotten so much better at maneuvering objects with his hands and getting them into his mouth! He’s been really enjoying this teething toy because it gives him a lot of options to grasp onto it. It’s incredible to see these small skills develop each day and how he begins to put them together to accomplish more complex actions. The past few weeks have definitely been my favorite stage so far! His personality is starting to show and you can tell he’s learning so much as he explores his surroundings. I feel so blessed to be his Momma and to spend my days with him. Being a Mom is the best job in the world!


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