Week 22


We had a wonderful time this week in Kelowna visiting family and friends. The most special moment of the week was meeting my Grandma at the airport for her to meet Witton for the first time. My Grandma is such an amazing woman! She will be 96 years-old next month and she still lives by herself in her own home. She cooks all her own meals and knits several hours every day. The hat Witton is wearing below is one she knit for him when he was born.


It was so special spending time with her during the week and hearing stories about how different things were for babies when my Dad was born. She told me how they would start feeding babies solids at 6 weeks old! They would feed them Pablum which is a mixed cereal of oatmeal, corn meal, bone meal, brewers yeast and powdered alfalfa leaf. She also had to wash the cloth diapers everyday and hang them to dry. I’ve been doing cloth diapers with Witt and I couldn’t handle doing laundry like that every day!


Bryce drove over to Kelowna with us and stayed for three days. We took this picture right before we left for church on Easter Sunday. It’s crazy to think about how much has changed since last Easter. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was about a week pregnant with Witton last Easter. I had just begun seriously looking into the LDS church by reading scriptures and praying daily. I remember feeling such a strong feeling of peace at the Easter Sunday service that year. Despite working 12-14 hour days in March and April and feeling the pressure of recruiting enough students to fill all the classes at the university, I felt immense peace. Now I think about how I got to spend March and April this year and I feel beyond blessed! Being home with Witt and watching him grow each day is the best job in the world. I thought I would miss my job and the responsibilities I had, but to be honest I haven’t thought much about my work at all! I’m grateful that Bryce’s job allows me to stay at home with Witton and that I can take on this new role.


Witton loves being read to. He stares intently at the photos and he even shrieks with delight. The Little Blue Truck book is our favorite so far. I have that book memorized and sometimes I go to bed with the words dancing around in my head. I’m still on the look out for the other books in that series, since we only have one right now.


Here is our four generation photo! It’s funny because when I was little a lot of people said I took after my Dad’s side. They thought I looked a lot more like my Dad and Grandma, than my Mom’s side. Now everyone says Witton looks like my Dad, so I love looking at this photo and seeing all the similarities between the four of us!


Bath time fun on the kitchen table!


Witton looks so old in this photo it makes me want to cry!


We had several great visits with my Oma and Opa. They live in Kelowna close to my parents, so we get to see them often! It’s so wonderful being able to visit with them and hear their stories. I can’t wait until Witton is old enough to listen and understand stories from his great-grandparents!


Witt with his great-grandmas!


Bryce and I don’t have a musical bone in our bodies, so poor Witton doesn’t have very good odds in this department. However, he loved having his own personal concert when my brother or Mom would play the piano for him. He has only been exposed to my country music and church hymns so far!


One of the days in Kelowna was so sunny and warm! I was nursing Witton outside in just his t-shirt onsie when I realized it was the first time his legs had been exposed to the sun! I am getting so excited for the warm days ahead and just hanging out with him at the park or beach.


Our neighbors gave me this jumper for Witt that their little guy grew out of. It was hilarious the first time we put Witton in it. I wish I could post videos on the blog, because the video is priceless! He bounced around pretty good, but you could tell it scared him a bit! He had a pretty shocked look on his face.


We went out for a wonderful birthday dinner for my brother on his actual birthday. Originally Witton and I were supposed to fly home that afternoon, but I didn’t do my research and I didn’t realize Witton needed a passport to fly. We had used his birth certificate to cross the border about a dozen times, but I guess flying is completely different than driving. So the plus side was that we got to attend the dinner! It was a great way to wrap up the week spending time with family.


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