Week 24


This week was busy and we spent a lot of time outside trying to make the most out of the sunshine! I’m just beginning to explore some of the parks and beaches near our house and I’m looking forward to spending more time at these over the next few months. Fortunately Witton loves being outside in the carrier or stroller with me, so I’m able to be out and about. The one struggle this week has been sleep! Witton will go a few nights waking up only once or twice and then he’ll go a few nights waking up 3-5 times! It’s been a struggle. I know he’s not waking up because he’s hungry, but if I nurse him he’ll just go back to sleep in 5-10 minutes. Whereas if I don’t feed him, I’ll be up holding a crying baby for 30-60 minutes! I haven’t had the determination lately to withstand the crying, so I’ve just fed him. However, I know pretty soon I’m going to have to stop feeding him so often during the night and help him get back to sleep without being fed.


We went to the zoo with my two sister-in-laws and their kids on Tuesday. It was a beautiful sunny day and there were hardly any people there. However, it was amazing how many moms I saw who were pregnant and pushing around babies and/or toddlers in strollers. Often times when I am running errands I hardly see other young moms, but everywhere I looked at the zoo there were moms like me!


Here is the whole gang at the zoo. The girls love Witton and always want to give him hugs and cuddles. Before I know it they are going to be coming over to babysit for us!


Witton loves his two Sophie giraffes and enjoys chewing on them. He’s getting better at holding onto objects now, instead of just dropping them right away. I think he might be getting close to cutting teeth because he’s starting to be more aggressive with his chewing. However, that’s the only sign so far. No fussiness, fever, or diarrhea, so it may be awhile still.


He still loves sleeping in his carseat, as long as the car is moving! On this particular day, I really tuckered him out and he stayed sleeping in his seat even after I carried him up to our apartment. He’s usually quite content in his carseat when I run errands. He no longer seems bothered about getting strapped in.


Witton had a bit of a meltdown, well actually it was a total meltdown, for about 30 minutes while I was babysitting for my sister-in-law. He was content playing the first hour I was there and then he just starting crying uncontrollably. I tried changing his diaper, nursing him, and rocking him, but nothing calmed him down. Prior to this episode, that had never happened before! I could always get him to calm down by nursing him, it has consistently been my fail-safe. I was starting to get worried that something was going on. However, he must’ve had really bad gas or something that was upsetting him. Finally he fell asleep on me for about an hour and this picture was taken right after he woke up. He was super cuddly the rest of the night, but seemed fine after that. I realized after that day how spoiled I’ve been never having to struggle with a crying baby that I couldn’t soothe. It was hard seeing him so upset and not being able to help! However, I know there will be many more episodes like that in the days to come…especially when he starts teething!


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