Month 6

With each month that passes by, I think to myself, this is my favorite month so far! I know eventually a day will come when I will look back and wish for that age again, but lately Witton has been such a blast. He gets more and more entertaining with each week that passes by.


He’s starting to get the hang of the Jolly Jumper, but he still mostly just bounces slightly and spins around. He enjoys it though and it’s been really handy for when I’m trying to make dinner and he’s getting a bit fussy before bedtime.


I got to celebrate my first Mother’s day which was extra special this year. Bryce totally spoiled me by making me an awesome breakfast and dinner. It felt wonderful to celebrate motherhood and all the blessings it has brought in my life.


This is the amazing pizza Bryce made for Mother’s Day. It was delicious! Plus it broke all my diet rules that I’ve been trying to follow of cutting out dairy and gluten. But everyone needs some cheat days, right!?


I finally got around to growing wheatgrass, after having the seeds sit in my pantry for several months. I hadn’t had a wheatgrass shot in a really long time, but I forgot how nasty it is! I started juicing a slice of lemon with it too and that seems to cut the bitterness a lot! However, it has so many beneficial properties it’s worth the gagging!


Witton started eating solids this month and it’s made mealtimes very entertaining. I’ve decided to try the Baby Led Weaning approach and we’re enjoying it so far. Witton seems to enjoy feeding himself and I’ve seen so much motor skill development in the last month! He can now grab pieces of food and adjust his grip by transferring it from one hand to the other. He can grab small pieces and use both his hands to shovel it into his mouth. It’s so fun watching him practice and learn these new skills during mealtimes.


Our wonderful friends Adrienne and Jeff came to visit us for a day and we had so much fun showing them around Everett. Witton wasn’t too fond of Jeff’s facial hair, but he warmed up to him by the end of the day.


These moments rarely happen anymore and it makes me so sad! I had to take a selfie to capture it. It felt so good to sit there and feel the sun on my face and snuggle with my little man. He used to sleep on my chest all the time the first few weeks after he was born, but since then he’s always preferred his bed. It’s nearly impossible to get him to sleep on me anymore. Most of the time I’m so glad he enjoys his bed and doesn’t rely on me to get a good nap, but some days I just want to cuddle!


Witton, my mom, and I embarked on an adventure to Montreal. I had to go there for my Greencard interview and we got to go visit my sister at the same time. It was such a wonderful trip!


We were fortunate to be there while they had a work bee to put up the plastic on their greenhouse. It was amazing to see the awesome community of young farmers out there and the  friendships they’ve built. Unfortunately earlier in the month my sister’s barn burnt down and they lost most of their chickens and pigs. However, they’ve received huge support from their community and have been able to find some alternative shelters to use this summer until they can build another barn.


Witton was content playing on a blanket outside, as long as the black flies weren’t out!


He loves his auntie Kirsten! She hadn’t seen him since he was a month old, so it was fun for her to play with him and see his growing personality.


We ate amazing food while we were there! We ate their farm raised chicken and pork which is absolutely delicious. I wish I lived closer so I could buy it regularly. My sister and her partner also eat mostly based off the paleo diet, so I felt like it helped me get back on track to eating healthier and more vegetables.


We built some roosting boxes for the chickens because they just started laying eggs as we got there. The first day we collected about six eggs and by the end of the trip we were collecting thirty-five. It was exciting to see how much we’d find each day!


It was amazing having my mom come with me on the trip. She watched Witton for most of the day and would get me when he needed to be fed. On this particular day I was working in the woods with Kirsten to build a shelter for the pigs and I didn’t want to go inside, so I just nursed on these tires! It was surprisingly super comfortable, until this chicken kept flying up and sitting on me. We took him off three times but he was persistent!


This is us transplanting onions in the field. It was messy work since it was raining off and on during this time, but I enjoyed learning some of the tricks of the trade!


The only negative part of the trip were the NASTY bug bites I got. The tiny black flies are relentless and despite the natural bug spray we were using, we couldn’t keep them away. Poor Witton goes bit on his face multiple times that we eventually couldn’t bring him outside the last two days. The worst part is the following week after we left the flies were basically gone! I guess they came out in a frenzy and then left soon afterwards.


Witton loved swimming in the pool at the hotel we were staying in. It was a warm, salt water pool and he liked standing on the steps and splashing with his feet.


Witton’s new trick this month is sucking his toes! He discovered his feet earlier in the month, but now he loves bringing his toes to his mouth. It looks so funny! Several times I’ve looked in the rearview mirror in our car and I see him sucking on his toes in his carseat even!


We’ve gotten into a routine in the mornings of eating breakfast together and then playing on the bed before his first nap of the day. He’ll play with his toys while I read my scriptures and it’s the best way to start the day! His sleeping is slowly getting better now too. While we were staying at my sister’s farm, he had a hard time sleeping and was waking up 2-3 times a night. Now that we’ve gotten back home and into a routine, he’s only waking up twice a night consistently. He is napping really well and has almost transitioned to needing only two naps a day. But some days he still needs a mini nap around 4pm or 5pm to make it until bedtime. Overall the sixth month has been a blast, but I know the seventh month will be even better!


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