Month 7


This last month has been so wonderful visiting with lots of family and friends while enjoying the amazing weather. In this picture you can see that he got his first two teeth this month! They came through within a day of each other and now the top two teeth are ready to poke out any day. We got lucky and he barely fussed as they came out. I just put my finger in his mouth one day and felt something sharp! Also exciting this month, Witt mastered sitting up on his own. Now I can leave him to play with his toys and he can still see me from a distance. Fortunately, he hasn’t figured out how to crawl yet, so I don’t have to worry about him getting into anything yet. It’s the perfect stage! I’m excited for him to start crawling soon, but that also means I’ll have to change some of my habits too.


Bryce’s brother and his wife moved to Issaquah this last month, so it’s been great visiting them. They just had their second boy, Seth, who is four months younger than Witton. Bryce’s other sister, Andrea is due in a few weeks with a boy as well and I couldn’t be happier! These three boys will all be born within a year of each other and I can’t wait to watch them grow up together and become best buds. I didn’t grow up with many cousins, in fact I only have two and they are five and six years younger than me, so I’m so glad Witton will have lots of cousins to grow up with.



Witton’s new trick this past month has been giving slobbery kisses! He’ll literally grab you and latch onto any part of your face or body. I guess I’ve been showering him with too many kisses, now he thinks that’s what you’re supposed to do to everyone. It melts my heart every time. Every day I lay on the floor and just let him give me kisses!


Witton’s other obsession that has developed over the last few months is sucking and chewing on tags. It is the strangest thing! You see in this picture he has all these toys next to him and this giant, colorful stuffed crab and he just entertains himself with the tag… I’ll give him a blanket and he’ll turn it around until he finds the tag and then sucks on it. It cracks us up!


Witton has had lots of opportunities to go swimming this past month. He enjoys the water and is happy to be in it, as long as I’m close by. I’ve dunked him under a few times and he doesn’t mind it too much. He has a pretty bewildered look on his face afterwards, but he’s never cried about it.


We attended one of Bryce’s high school friend’s wedding which was really beautiful. Since getting married, I’ve found more enjoyment in attending other people’s weddings and reminiscing on our own day. I love that it reminds me of the vows we promised to one another four years ago and I reflect on how much we’ve grown as a couple since that day. It really makes me even more thankful for my amazing husband!


I love this boy’s easy smile! It lights up his eyes and whole face every time. He is a smiling machine and whenever we are out and about he isn’t shy about sharing his smile with random strangers who stop to talk to us. I hope this never changes!



We had an awesome 4th of July celebrating with Bryce’s family. He even got cuddles from both his girl and boy cousins! It is wonderful having family so close to spend these holidays with.


We’ve gone on some fun walks and hikes with some mom groups this past month. It’s always nice to get out of the house and have some adult conversations. It’s also a wonderful way to get new tips and tricks as a new mom. I love how many parks are close by to us and how accessible they are. We still have many more to explore this summer!


Jetty Island is one place we’ll be going back to often. We’ve already gone three times this past month! It’s a large sand bar about 100m of the coast of Everett. They have a free ferry that takes you back and forth and it’s paradise out there. The sand is so fine and clean and the breeze makes it comfortable even in the heat of the day.


This is one of Witt’s new friends from one of the mom groups. They are only 5 days apart! Witton’s on the small end of the spectrum and Van is on the opposite end! However, it’s fun to see them developing similar skills and learning more about the world around them.


Witton loves peanut butter! He’s actually been a decent eater and has eaten a variety of foods. However, he doesn’t eat large quantities yet, but he’s working up to it. Some of the mainstays right now are chicken, hummus, green beans, apples, blueberries, red peppers, peas, carrots, salmon, and broccoli.


More fun with the cousins! I sometimes wonder what Witt would be like if he had older siblings. He loves watching them and being entertained by them. However, whenever we are hanging out with the cousins he doesn’t sleep or nurse very well because he gets so distracted! He is always so interested in what’s happening around him, he doesn’t settle down. Even at home I sometimes have to tell Bryce to stop talking to me while I nurse or go into a different room because he’s so easily distracted!


I love this photo so much! We went to visit my 96 year old Grandma for a family reunion in Wetaskiwin, Alberta. We stayed with her for four days and visited with lots of family who hadn’t met Witton before. We went with my dad which was a lot of fun.


My little travel buddy! I love that we go everywhere together and have been able to see so many people over the last few months. I sometimes think about how inseparable we are. We haven’t been away from each other for more than 4 hours since he came home from the hospital! He’s like one of my limbs now. I can’t even imagine going anywhere without him yet!


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