Week 24

This week was busy and we spent a lot of time outside trying to make the most out of the sunshine! I'm just beginning to explore some of the parks and beaches near our house and I'm looking forward to spending more time at these over the next few months. Fortunately Witton loves being outside…Read more Week 24

Week 23

Even though we've had so much cold and rain lately, this guy has been my sunshine that I get to wake up to every morning! He is so bubbly and happy throughout the day, it's impossible to be grumpy when he is around. He babbles to me, smiles constantly and loves to play. I really…Read more Week 23

Week 22

We had a wonderful time this week in Kelowna visiting family and friends. The most special moment of the week was meeting my Grandma at the airport for her to meet Witton for the first time. My Grandma is such an amazing woman! She will be 96 years-old next month and she still lives by…Read more Week 22

Week 21

I'm behind on my posts after traveling to Spokane for one weekend and then going to Kelowna for 10 days the following weekend. So I'll try writing about what I remember from these past two weeks! These were the windmills we passed on our drive to Spokane. I was so mesmerized by them! There were…Read more Week 21

Week 20

This week was a lot of fun spending time with Witt's cousins during their spring break. It's awesome having family so close and being able to spend time with them. This picture below cracks me up because Witt seems much more excited than Carson. My sister-in-law watched Witt for me so I could go for…Read more Week 20

Week 19

If I could relive last week 100 times over I totally would! Something clicked with Witt's sleeping last week and he has been napping and sleeping like a champ. It has made such a difference for both of our moods! It's the best feeling putting him down awake in his bassinet and having him not cry…Read more Week 19

Week 18

This past week Witton was obsessed with putting his hands in his mouth! His hands were constantly wet with drool and his chin and cheeks were sticky from his hands fumbling around. We would be driving around and I'd hear him in the back seat sucking his hands as if they were a delicious popsicle.…Read more Week 18