Month 11

There are so many precious moments that happen each day, it's hard to remember them all! However, I am noticing that I'm slowly taking less and less pictures of Witton, which I guess is a natural progression of things. I've been focusing lately on being present throughout the day and enjoying all the stages Witton…Read more Month 11


Month 9

It feels like I was just writing my last blog post a week ago. This summer has flown by! This past month has been so exciting as Witton has developed several new tricks and skills. This month he started crawling which has made life so much more exciting. He loves exploring everything and can amuse…Read more Month 9

Month 8

This summer has been the most magical time, spending most of our days outside going for walks, playing in parks, and swimming at pools and beaches. Witton is happy anywhere we go and loves watching the action all around him. I keep thinking to myself how amazing it would be to live in a place…Read more Month 8

Month 7

This last month has been so wonderful visiting with lots of family and friends while enjoying the amazing weather. In this picture you can see that he got his first two teeth this month! They came through within a day of each other and now the top two teeth are ready to poke out any…Read more Month 7

Month 6

With each month that passes by, I think to myself, this is my favorite month so far! I know eventually a day will come when I will look back and wish for that age again, but lately Witton has been such a blast. He gets more and more entertaining with each week that passes by.…Read more Month 6

Week 24

This week was busy and we spent a lot of time outside trying to make the most out of the sunshine! I'm just beginning to explore some of the parks and beaches near our house and I'm looking forward to spending more time at these over the next few months. Fortunately Witton loves being outside…Read more Week 24

Week 23

Even though we've had so much cold and rain lately, this guy has been my sunshine that I get to wake up to every morning! He is so bubbly and happy throughout the day, it's impossible to be grumpy when he is around. He babbles to me, smiles constantly and loves to play. I really…Read more Week 23